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TanzoHub- What’s ‘In’ for 2024?


TanzoHub in 2024

As an online education platform, Tanzohub offers a wealth of courses and resources for learners around the world. Whether you want to pick up a new skill, advance in your career, or simply go deeper into an interest, Tanzohub has just the course for you. With a massive collection of over 50,000 video lessons and exercises that teach still very much like they would in-person taught by industry experts, Tanzohub provides engaging learning experiences on computers or mobile devices.

Their ever-expanding course slate includes subjects such as programming and data science through creative skills like photography or music or design. Inventory extends from gratis introductory video sequences to more comprehensive paid programs and licenses of completion. With high-quality content and a streamlined user interface, Tanzohub makes learning easy whenever and wherever. So for anyone who wants to learn a skill that’s in high demand or just broaden their knowledge in some area of interest, Tanzohub is the place.

What’s Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is a project management tool for creative teams and agencies. It makes it easy to manage tasks, track time, keep track of clients, and invoice and report on the work of your projects.

Tanzohub allows you to generate projects and assign tasks to particular people.You can provide due dates, set task priority and status to coordinate efforts of everyone involved.What has to be undertaken and when – these are the details about which all team members must remain on the same page.

Team members can annotate tasks, upload files, issue reminders, and log the time they spend working to hit deadlines on target and ensure clients are correctly billed.Using the tool to log time, team members clock in their work on each task and project. This information in turn feeds the billing report so you can easily charge clients for time and expenses.

The reports provide a summary of project budgets, expenditure, revenues and profits so you can have an understanding where your business stands financially.

Tanzohub integrates seamlessly with popular business software such as Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox and QuickBooks. For example, our Slack integration allows you to both create tasks and send comments for tasks within Slack without needing switch between different platforms.

Besides these thoroughly customizable features for telling people what it takes to get a project started, Tanzohub is as versatile and user-friendly as you will find anywhere for creative project planning.What Has Happened By CEO Tanzohub: We’ll have a software setup for web use as well as apps and iOS or Android phones with which you and your team can keep tabs on tasks regardless of where they are completed.

Tanzohub’s Vision

Tanzohub was started with the goal of creating an all-encompassing platform where small-business entrepreneurs in Tanzania can engage in business with investors inside country.Small businesses make up over 95% of Tanzanian company, staff-wise yet many struggle to access needed resources and have difficulty gaining new customers. Tanzohub aims to change this by offering an all-in-one solution (besides working as an official sponsor of Games in East Africa).

Features of Tanzohub include the following:

Profile creation: Profiles allow business owners to introduce their company online and do business with more potential clients.

E-commerce platform:

On Tanzohub, vendors have their online outpost for putting things up on sale, taking payments or tending to posts, and delivering directly from manufacturer to customer. Utilising this method they can reach customers in Tanzania outside of Dar es Salaam, which they otherwise could not

Resource centre:

 Tanzohub provides business people with educational materials and best practices from which to learn or learn on their (NBSP) merit. Topics covered include internet marketing, creative accounting, appointing personnel, and more

Affordable services:

 While it is common to charge high fees for such services on other platforms, Tanzohub is committed to being accessible to all. Most features can be used for free, or at very cheap prices. The aim is to benefit as many small and medium-sized enterprises as possible.

Tanzohub believes that technology is not only a means of communication change, but an opportunity for creating wealth. The platform makes entrepreneurs better suited to establishing their brand than any time before. Whether they are accessing new markets or helping the growth of Tanzania’s digital economy, Tanzania entrepreneurs now have options never pre on this time scale.

Some of the Features and Services Provided By Tanzohub

Comprehensive Library

Tanzohub has an extensive library of 5000+ book titles, audiobooks, podcasts and video tutorials on a wide range of subjects such as marketing, finance, technology and personal development. New content is updated regularly to keep the library fresh. You can browse by category or search for specific topics of interest.

Offline Mode

With the Tanzohub mobile app you can download selected books, audio, podcasts and videos to access when offline. This way you’re able to keep learning while on the move even if an internet connection isn’t available. Downloaded content will automatically synchronize across all your devices so that you can pick up where you left off.


The Tanzohub platform uses machine learning to give you personalized recommendations based on your watching and listening histories. It is going to recommend relevant books, classes, videos, podcasts and other resources to help you find new material that suits your needs or interests. You may also follow thought leaders and experts so as to receive recommendations for content they are engaging in.

Progress Tracking

As you read, watch, and listen to content on Tanzohub, your progress is automatically tracked. This way you can see at a glance how much of a book or video you have completed and easily pick up where you left off. You can also set your own goals; i.e. you can read so many books in a month or save just so many hours of learning time per month, which will help keep you accountable.


Finally, in addition to the rich resources here, Tanzohub boasts a lively community of like-minded fellows. You can join in discussions, raise questions, share understandings, give or take advice on books and come into contact with lots of interesting people. This community aspect helps make your studies complete and enables you to have contact with new ideas.

With its broad spectrum of content, functions like offline reading and performance tracking, as well as an earnest user the Tanzohub system offers something for longer-term education and self-improvement. What is important is to grasp what the main thing is your particular subscription gives you.

How Tanzohub Works

Tanzohub is an online platform that connects professional dancers and dance studios with clients hoping to hire talent for private lessons or events or even productions. Here’s how the service works:

Creating a Profile

Dancers and dance studios get started by creating a profile on Tanzohub. Their profile shows their specialities, tells of their experience, and includes their free dates and rates. Profiles also allow networking among these dance artists to display photos and videos of work performed, give word from past customers, designate places where they are willing to travel, note attention-grabbing dance genres and styles in which they excel, set their various rates for work of different kinds and lengths.

Booking Talent

Clients seeking dancers or teachers can look through Tanzohub’s profiles and refine search results according to location, style of dance, availability and budget required. When clients find talent that matches their needs, they can send a booking request through the platform with specifics about the event or service they need such as dates, times, venue address, and compensation. Talent then has the option either to accept or refuse booking requests.

Payment Process and Contract Management

When a talent agrees to make a booking request, Tanzohub draws up an agreement to lay out the details of the deal. After signing the contract, the client must pay in full. Tanzohub freezes the money until after service delivery or performance date to protect both sides. If there are no problems reported, Tanzohub turns payment over to the talent. If any trouble with the order occurs, Tanzohub arbitrates between both sides to settle the matter before releasing payment.

Evaluating Feedback

After a booking is gone through, Tanzohub seeks opinions from the customer and the talent to increase its reputation and serve as a future matchmaking guide. Clients can write reviews on a star’s profile telling of their experience. Stars also have the opportunity to rate client professionalism. Tanzohub uses this information to create a credit system for its members. Clients and talent with high ratings in the credit system are given priority in their search results and requests for bookings.

Tanzohub aims to build a trust network of professional dancers and instructors and at the same time, make it easy for clients to find talent when needed. Tanzohub takes care of contracts, payments and feedback, providing a guarantee for both sides of the deal.

The Benefits of Tanzohub

  1. Tanzohub offers several benefits to businesses that want to streamline their human resources and payroll processes.
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Using Tanzohub can significantly reduce HR and payroll costs.
  4. The software automates many manual processes like onboarding new hires, tracking employee information, managing timesheets and payroll.
  5. This cuts the time that your human resources people spend on routine tasks so they can concentrate on more strategic initiatives.
  6. The cloud-based Tanzohub system also eliminates the need for large up-front costs and ongoing maintenance of expensive on-premise hardware and software.

Improved Data Security

We are affordably priced for a reason.

As a service made by and for small businesses, we understand what it means to be on a budget.

Tanzohub keeps our prices reasonable by providing essential tools at cost-saving levels that allow firms the flexibility of tailored solutions rather than a monopolistic provider’s one-size-fits-all model.

In addition, all of our software platform capabilities are charged on a 7 hundredths per dollar of revenue basis so you don.t need to worry about drilling down into detailed reports and worrying about extra charges for extra usage. Our services have been calibrated to provide small businesses with the kind of flexibility they need while keeping costs within bounds.

Regulatory compliance.

Tanzohub keeps your company in compliance with employment regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The software provides tools to properly classify employees, calculate overtime pay, keep track of health insurance coverage and much more. Tanzohub also regularly updates its system so they comply with changes in state or federal labour laws. Using Tanzohub reduces the risk of expensive fines and lawsuits due to non-compliance.

In summary, Tanzohub is a source of convenience and security, able to let you cut costs as well as increase productivity; and ensure effective human resources and labor processes compliance is standard at your company.

Tanzohub Use Cases

Tanzohub is a versatile collaborative tool which has a wide range of potential applications for personal productivity as well as business solutions.

Project Management

Tanzohub has full-featured project management capabilities, its users can such as organize tasks, assign work to others, set time limits for project stages and keep track of progress.

In addition, you may launch new projects and invite team members. Step by step it helps you to break projects into specific tasks that people can realistically do, and set due dates to each stage of the tasks.

Each team member has his or her say over which tasks he/she would like to do and as long as meeting deadlines we will not engage other than make suggestions on more effective methods for completing assigned work. Macs and PCs are both accepted on the system. Communication among team members occurs at the task level, with members able to comment on tasks, upload files and tag other users.

The main project dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all your projects, and current project progress and allows you to see whether each is on schedule. Any project can be swiftly accessed at any time.

Team Communication

In terms of effective team communication, Tanzohub provides chat, video calling, and screen sharing. Make public or private chat channels for different groups, projects or subjects of communication. Communicate via voice or video calls with more than one team member at the same time–and thus speed up collaborative efforts.

During calls you can share your screen to look at documents, presentations, etcetera together in real time without any delays. All chats and calls are recorded and held in a database so that you can always refer back to what was said in the past.

We make it easy to share and access files with your team using Tanzohub. You can upload and organize files into folders by project or topic, as well. Set permissions to control which users can view, edit, or download each file. File versioning lets you revert back to previous versions if necessary.

Tanzohub’s powerful search feature allows you to find any file, chat, task, etc quickly. You also can synchronize your Tanzohub files with your local computer so that the latest work is always at hand even when not online.


Tanzohub has integrations with several popular business tools such as Gmail, Slack, GitHub, Trello, and others. Those integrations let several different suites of software work together and automate some of your work flows. For example, you could create an integration that automatically makes Trello cards whenever there is a new Tanzohub task ready to be tackled or send notices from GitHub to Tanzohub. By combining work and collaboration management tools, integrations thus bring people in organizations together so both get more done.

With features covering project management, team communication, file sharing, and integrations, Tanzohub is an empowering tool for both personal productivity and business collaboration. It is an intuitive system but with enough mettle to help individuals and organizations get more done together.

Getting Started With Tanzohub

Getting started with Tanzohub is easy. Here we’ll outline a few simple steps to start using this new project management technology:

Create an Account

Go to Tanzohub.com, click sign up.

Enter your email address and password, and set your login credentials. Remember to use a password you know is safe.

Give some basic details about yourself such as what your company name is and what position you hold within this company. Tanzohub uses this information to tailor the experience for you.

Browse Around

The intuitive Tanzohub interface has been designed to promote efficiency and ease of use. Familiarize yourself with this layout,


Your home screen, where you can receive an overview of projects, tasks, update announcements and notifications. You can stay on top of these things from here. Projects: Under construction, so on and so forth.


Assign and schedule individual tasks within each project. Give dates when a task is due, add comments or attachments and mark a job done.


Add colleague, clients or contract workers You give them access to specific projects and in the task list makes collaborative work more efficient, different everyone has done something.


 Generate real-time reports concerning project status, budgets, timelines, workloads, etc.

Make decisions based on data to improve performance.

Integrate With Other Tools

In order to maximize the benefits of Tanzohub, integrate it with your other software, such as:

  • Slack for seamless communication and messaging with teams.
  • Google Drive or Dropbox to attach les and documents directly to your tasks.
  • Time trackers such as Harvest for logging hours worked on Tanzohub tasks.
  • Accounting software such as QuickBooks syncs project budgets and expenses.
  • Tanzohub has everything you need to be built into its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, seamless integrations. Today sign up now and make deposits in a productivity and efficiency savings account tomorrow.

Tanzohub Integrations and Partners

Tanzohub has many integrations and partnerships to help your business get maximum value from its data and insights. Some of the major integrations available include:


Tanzohub integrates with Zapier, allowing you to connect Tanzohub with over 1,000 other business apps. This makes it easy to automatically trigger actions in other systems based on events in Tanzohub. For example, you can create a Zap that automatically makes a new contact record in your CRM whenever a new lead is produced by Tanzohub.


You can use webhooks to receive real-time event data from Tanzohub in your application or service. Whenever something new happens at Tanzohub, such as a lead being created or a task getting completed, Tanzohub may send an HTTP request to any URL with details about the event. You can then handle and react to these events in your own system.


All data and resources within your Tanzohub account is available programmatically through a full REST API. Concatel’s API uses OAuth for authorisation and can be used to integrate into other applications or build its own applications based around Tanzohub.

Technology Partners

Tanzohub teams up with several technology companies in order to add more value for customers.

Some of those partners are:

  • Slack, where Tanzohub integrates so that notifications can be given and one can interact directly with Tanzohub data within Slack itself.
  • G Suite: Tanzohub integrates with Google’s Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite Tools all the way through to synchronized contacts, events, files and etc
  • Office 365 – Similar to G Suite, Tanzohub also integrates with Microsoft Office’s Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote and the like
  • Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom and many more partners

There are numerous methods to stretch the abilities and join the data of your Tanzohub account to other business systems or processes with its robust set of integrations, partnerships and APIs.

These integrations break down data silos, increase efficiency, and provide a seamless workflow across tools.


Tanzohub is a new social platform committed to dance. Like any new platform, you probably want to know how it functions and what it offers. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Tanzohub.

What sort of dance content can I upload to Tanzohub?

You can upload any form of dance content to Tanzohub, and you can include:

  • Short dance videos (up to 3 minutes in length)
  • Dance tutorials
  • Dance challenges
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Interviews with dancers
  • Dance photography
  • Blog posts on dance

Tanzohub supports content from all types of dance such as hip hop, ballet, salsa, Bollywood, and many others.

How do I develop an audience for Tanzohub?

The easiest way to build your audience on Tanzohub is to consistently post high-quality, engaging dance content.

You should also:

  • Use appropriate hashtags to expose your content more widely
  • You can engage with other dancers through liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Collaborate and interact with other dancers–you can be in each other’s videos, and you could create or partake in a dance challenge together
  • Promote your Tanzohub profile from other social platforms in order to increase user traffic.
  • Once you become more active in this cultural space, the universe seems to be on your side!

How Do I Make Money on Tanzohub?

 There are several ways you can monetize your Tanzohub profile:

Tanzohub Partner Program:

If you have more than 5000 followers, you can apply for Tanzohub’s Partner Program. If accepted, you will receive a share of the advertising revenue to display on your profile.

Sponsored posts:

Dance brands or companies may sponsor your posts or stories in order to promote themselves or their products and services to your followers. You could be shopping around for the price of sponsored content to charge customers.

Dance tutorials:

You could ask users to pay in order to have access your exclusive dance tutorial content on Tanzohub. Tanzohub provides creators with the ability to insert paywalls into some of their contents.

Branded merchandise:

 If you have a loyal fan base, you may be able to sell your own brand of goods–like t-shits, hoodies, phone cases and more. Above all, promote your goods on Tanzohub to your fans.

There is a tanzohub app?

Yes, Tanzohub also offers iOS and Android mobile apps so that families can always keep up with the dance world no matter where they are.

The app allows you to:

  • Upload and watch short dance videos
  • Live stream dance videos from your phone
  • Share photos from dance events you go to
  • Engage with other dancers through likes, comments and direct messaging
  • Get an immediate message when someone you follow adds new content from dance
  • And much more!

The End

In conclusion then; a detailed Tanzohub breakdown and all its unique features. As you can see, the platform brings an all-in-one solution to manage the business of your dance studio. It is designed to solve administrative problems. From scheduling classes and registering students, to publicising your programs/processing funds– Tanzohub aims to make life easier for ful-time teachers. While at first it may seem daunting because there are so many capacities, both the intuitive interface and support resources will get you up and running in no time. If you are considering investing in a 100% digital dance studio that will grow with technology, Tanzohub is where you should look. Register for a free trial now and find out what Tanzohub can do for your business. The future of dance educational material has finally arrived! Don’t be left behind.

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