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eToro extends trading hours for companies like Apple, Amazon and Tesla

eToro extends trading hours for companies like Apple, Amazon and Tesla

eToro extends trading hours

The eToro extended trading hours provide clients with an initial three-hour increase in trading windows. Investors will be able to anticipate key news and events for trading. At launch, 10 stocks will be available, including Apple, Amazon and Tesla, with another 20 to follow.

eToro extends trading hours for companies like Apple, Amazon and Tesla

The investment and trading platform eToro has extended the trading hours of securities for its users. This will allow investors on the platform to buy and sell a selection of 30 US listed companies outside of traditional trading hours.

The new functionality, which will initially cover the phase before the opening of the trading day, offers investors the opportunity to access the market at times more convenient for them and take advantage of events that occur outside of trading hours, such as reports of results or the publication of macroeconomic data.

Market Hours:eToro

Users will be able to access securities during extended hours through an instrument other than investing during market hours, and it will be available as CFDs. The new instruments will offer investors three hours more time to invest each day and will give them access to pre-market trading – this feature will also soon be available for the hours after the market closes. At the time of launch, ten companies will be able to operate in the pre-opening: Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Nio, Meta, Microsoft, Alphabet, Nvidia, GameStop and Netflix.

“US companies release their results and announcements outside of market hours, so significant price movements often occur before the market opens. Pre-open trading allows retail investors to get ahead, either by entering early “or protecting themselves from market fluctuations through hedging.

Trading in the US market

For many investors, trading in the US market is incredibly important, so this announcement is an effort to offer investing in the US market at more accessible trading hours,” explained Dan Moczulski, CEO of eToro in the United Kingdom.

“Ultimately, this is great news for eToro users. 24/7 crypto asset markets have shown us that greater access encourages people to participate in the markets, so with this offer, eToro customers “They will be able to make investments when it suits them, instead of waiting for the markets to catch up,”.

For eToro investors, the main benefits of extended hours trading include:

  • Real-time reaction: to news events and data publications, without market hour restrictions.
  • Reaction of global markets: since the markets that start earlier set the agenda for the rest of the world.
  • Greater flexibility: for those who wish to carry out operations based on their schedules.
  • Risk reduction: the ability for investors to get ahead of the main market and its reaction, thereby reducing after-hours gap risks.
  • Preparation for regular hours: Allows investors to be prepared for the opening bell.

Users of the eToro platform

They will be able to find values ​​under the.EXT ticker for specific companies. All extended-hours instruments are CFDs and there will be no difference in cost in terms of commission between instruments traded in extended hours and those traded in traditional hours. However, spreads may vary due to changes in trading liquidity.

This launch is another example of how eToro provides its customers with the necessary tools to meet their investment needs, from those just starting to invest to the most sophisticated traders. By opening the markets even further, more people will now have access to an offer that was previously limited to a few,”.

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