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Taxi Long An Longantaxi.net Book your Ride for a Quality Experience

Taxi Long An Longantaxi.net

Discover High-Quality, Reasonably Priced Taxi Services in Vietnam at longantaxi.net.

In Long An, Vietnam, are you looking for a comfortable and dependable taxi service? Your first option should always be Long An Taxi. Long An Taxi facilitates travel throughout the province of Long An and beyond with its state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles, reasonable pricing options, and exceptional customer service.

In this thorough guide, we’ll go over all you need to know about using Longantaxi.net to book, ride, and make payments. Whether you require local transportation or an airport transfer, Long An Taxi has you covered.

Taxi duration with a modern fleet of 4 and 7-seater vehicles, longantaxi.net provides convenient and reasonably priced taxi booking in Long An, Vietnam through their app, website, or round-the-clock phone centre.

An Overview of Long An Taxi ExtendedTaxi.Net and Its Offerings

Since its founding in 2015, Long An Taxi has grown to be regarded as one of the area’s most reliable taxi services. Their goal is to offer long locals and tourists dependable, first-rate transit.

Long An Taxi has a fleet of more than 100 cars and can accommodate different needs with 4- and 7-seater taxis. They provide air conditioning, phone chargers, child seats, seatbelts, and other amenities in their taxis. You may relax knowing that the journey will be comfortable.

Among the services offered by Long An Taxi are:

  • Long-distance and local transfers inside the province of Long An Interprovincial transportation
  • Transportation from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to the airport
  • Getting around for medical appointments
  • Corporate transport and business travel

Long An Taxi will accommodate your needs whether you require a short journey across town or a lengthy ride to the airport. Their skilled driving staff is committed to prompt, courteous service.

The Long An Longantaxi.net Fleet of Taxis: Secure, Roomy Automobiles

The superiority of Long An Taxi’s fleet makes it distinct from its rivals. You will travel in luxury and safety because none of the vehicles are older than three years.

Taxis with four seats

For small parties of one to four people, the 4-seater taxis are reasonably priced. These Toyota Vios vehicles can accommodate one passenger up front and two passengers in the back.

Every four-seater vehicle is outfitted with:

  • Children’s safety seats and seatbelts
  • Air conditioning
  • chargers for phones
  • water in bottles
  • first aid package

Regular maintenance can ensure a smooth and pleasurable trip in the 4-seater taxis.

Taxis with seven seats

The 7-seater Toyota Innova vehicles are ideal for bigger gatherings and households. These roomy cars can accommodate up to six passengers in the back and one passenger in the front.

In addition to the same facilities as the 4-seater taxis, the 7-seater taxis also include:

  • Extra space for the head and legs
  • Extra ports for charging
  • More room for bags; optional WiFi
  • You can travel in comfort thanks to the roomy interior.
  • The four- and seven-seat autos are driven by skilled drivers and are contemporary, spotless automobiles. Inspecting and repairing its fleet, Long An Taxi upholds strict standards.

Using Longantaxi.Net to Book Your Taxi

Using their contact centre, mobile app, or online booking platform, hiring a Long An Taxi is easy and quick.

Taxis are despatched to arrive precisely on time for your chosen pickup when you reserve in advance.

How to book is as follows:

Booking via Mobile App

To book in a matter of taps, download the Long An Taxi app on iOS or Android. Choose your destination, pickup location, and preferred time. Easily make payments via the app.

Online Reservations

Make an online reservation by going to longantaxi.net. To get a confirmation, fill out the booking form with the specifics of your trip and your contact data.

Call Centre Reservations

To speak with a booking agent, dial +84 555 123 456, the contact centre’s 24/7 number. Together with scheduling your ride, the agent will provide you with an estimate.

Roadside Pickups

If the Long An Taxis’ light is on, you can wave them down from the street, but reservations ensure availability. Before you leave, let the driver know where you’re going and agree on the fare.

It’s easy and quick to reserve a Long An taxi for your transportation needs with these user-friendly booking choices.

Cost Information – Reasonably Priced

Due to its reasonable prices, Taxi Long An Longantaxi.net is a popular choice among Vietnamese consumers. Prices are less expensive than those of many rivals without compromising quality.

Taxi Rates for Four Seaters

  • First 0.6 kilometres at 18,000 VND is when the flag falls or opens.
  • Under 30 km: 16,000 VND for every extra kilometre
  • More than 30 kilometres: 13,000 VND each mile
  • Discount for round-trip travel: Up to 70% off for trips longer than 60 kilometres

Taxi Rates for Seven Seats

  • The first 0.6 kilometres at 18,000 VND is when the flag falls or opens.
  • Under 30 km: 18,000 VND for every extra kilometre
  • More than 30 kilometres: 15,000 VND each mile
  • Discount for round-trip travel: Up to 70% off for trips longer than 60 kilometres

Keep in mind that there are other costs in addition to the metered rate, such as parking, ferry fees, and tolls. For rides scheduled in advance, the entire fee is disclosed upfront, eliminating any unpleasant surprises.

Whether you need a quick local transfer or a long-distance ride to the airport, Long An Taxi has reasonable prices.

Best Taxi Long Services at Longantaxi.Net

Long An Taxi provides customised services that are tailored to specific needs in addition to regular transportation.

Transfers from the Airport

For dependable transportation to and from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Long An Taxi is the ideal option. You can be dropped off or picked up at the terminal by their polite drivers.

The rates for airport transfers are:

  • 4 seats: VND 280,000
  • 7-person: 320,000 dong

Long An Taxi offers free assistance with luggage loading, making airport transportation easy and convenient.

Transportation between Provinces

Need a cab to go from the province of Long An to a nearby province, such as Ho Chi Minh City. Reliable interprovincial transfers are offered throughout the region by Long An Taxi.

Get a quote for your trip by talking with a booking agent about your particular itinerary. Discounted rates apply to round-trips longer than 60 kilometres.

Transportation of Healthcare Facilities

  • Long An Taxi is a reliable option for people who need transportation to medical institutions. They help people get to appointments, clinics, hospitals, and other locations with their taxis.
  • If necessary, there is additional room in the seven-seater taxis to carry medical equipment. Select Long An Taxi for dependable medical transportation.
  • Corporate & Business Travel Long An Taxi provides business travel options to organisations that require client or staff transportation.
  • They offer special rates, billing, and reporting to corporate accounts. Business travel packages guarantee economical and efficient ground transportation.

Why Passengers Adore Long Taxis

  • Long An Taxi has a reputation for going above and beyond for its many happy clients. Riders adore their service for the following reasons:
  • Long-Term Professional Drivers to guarantee high-quality service, taxi drivers go through a rigorous screening and training process. Drivers prioritise safety and are polite and informed. Numerous passengers compliment the kind and accommodating drivers.
  • On-time Arrival Extended taxi uses GPS and telematics to seamlessly arrange for on-time pickups and drops. You should anticipate flights, meetings, and appointments to start on time.

Adaptive Assistance

Long An Taxi provides 24/7 customer support, so any problems are resolved right away. Their support staff works hard to respond to all inquiries and comments promptly.

Awards Scheme

Utilising the Long An Taxi app, riders may sign up for the rewards programme. Points can be accumulated for future savings and complimentary rides.

Long-Term Quality Commitment Regular rider surveys and service audits are carried out by taxis. They use input to continuously enhance the client experience and streamline their operations.

An Taxi: Why Opt for Long An?

The following are the main justifications for selecting Long An Taxi as your reliable Long An transportation option:

  • Safety is the top priority for their vetted drivers and new fleet.
  • Comfort: Travelling in a clean, roomy car is enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Coconvenience: Simple reservation choices via the call centre, website, or smartphone.
  • Reasonability: Reasonably priced round-trip tickets and deals.
  • Dependability: You can rely on punctual pickups and drop-offs.
  • Customer service: A friendly staff is available around the clock.
  • Compliance: Strict observance of rules and requirements for services.

Leave the driving to the professionals at Long An Taxi on your next trip across the province of Long An. They are a wise decision because they combined value, safety, and service.

Are You All Set to Reserve a Long An Taxi?

  • Having mastered the ins and outs of Long An Taxi, you can easily hail a taxi to your next location.
  • Using the mobile app, online, or call centre, you can simply enter your trip information and make a reservation.
  • The drivers will show up in spotless, cosy cars, ready to deliver top-notch service. Long An Taxi provides a smooth, contemporary transportation option at reasonable prices with useful extras and attentive customer service.
  • Therefore, give Long An Taxi a call the next time you require transportation around Long An, Vietnam. Their specialised services and wide coverage throughout the province of Long An contribute to the efficiency and enjoyment of travel.

Reserve you’re long taxi now to enjoy the pricing, quality, and convenience they offer!

  • +84 91 186 64 22,
  • longantaxi.net@gmail.com
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